The FLY Movement

What if you had the ability to influence others on such a high level you could change their life in one conversation?

What does becoming a Neuro Wellness Facilitator with FLY look like for you? In what ways could it change your future?

Take a minute and take a few deep breaths and do your incantation.

You have already begun the experience of the power of the FLY model, but have you really grasped the full power and potential of your brain?

If you are already in awe at what it has done for you, and you are still seeing things that could be better in your life, imagine how much more you have to experience as you uncover even more capabilities. Imagine focusing on others' progress and helping walk them through the same process.

Imagine the miraculous creativity you will experience as you achieve a higher free state while serving others. As I(LaMonte) saw how so many other programs work I realized that for me to access the full creativity I’m capable of at the fastest pace I would want to repeat the concepts over and over helping others.

It would best be achieved by making it my career and wow has it been a miraculous experience! Now helping hundreds of people find the miracle of mental freedom and transformation.

I wouldn’t be even close to where I am today if I hadn’t turned my attention and focused on helping others!

Next, my ultimate dream came true, my daughter joined me!

I can’t even begin to express in words the new unimaginable joy this brings to my life!

She spent over 2 years as a FLY Facilitator often helping married couples or divorced singles understand their struggles. Now she has used the model to find the ultimate partner that is the man of her dreams, who supports and loves her in a million different ways, many she hadn’t even thought of.

Together, they light each other up in ways that influence all who are in their presence.

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You have already begun the experience of the power of the FLY model, but have you really grasped the full power and potential of your brain?

  • What miracles are in your future that you haven’t yet even imagined?

  • In your relationships, as a parent, sibling, grandparent, spouse, friend, neighbor, leader?

  • Now that you know how powerful you can become, what influence do you want to have in this world?

  • What would make it the most exciting and fun?

  • What would you like people to say about you when you leave this world?

  • How would you like to be remembered?

  • What legacy would you like to leave behind that will continue to spread like the ripples of a pebble landing on a calm ocean?

You better start saving for your funeral because they are going to need a massive location and will need to broadcast it to the world!

What would you say if you were asked to speak at my funeral? I bet you would spread the word of hope to all listening. That would be my wish.

I care not for praise. I did nothing special but the pains in my life taught me to tap in and follow my heart. I give credit to those pains and struggles.

I learned to value them instead of hate them and by doing so it lifted me like nothing I have ever experienced!

Like me, before you learned this model this would have been near impossible to believe, but now you know anything is possible for you.

Becoming a FLY Facilitator will be the most effective way to achieve your dreams! If this excites you, then I encourage you to use the model now and follow your heart.

Use what you know to overcome those fears and threats that may come up that hold you back!

Hesitation rarely pays off. Waiting for a more convenient time usually allows more fears and distractions to take over. There will rarely be a convenient time that will fall in place in just a way so that you won’t put effort in to make it happen.

New “things” will always keep coming up. That thought is usually a pattern of escape.

Register now and become a Facilitator

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This FLY model will spread across the earth.

The question is....

“What part do you want to play in this massive movement?”.

It’s not about the money, it’s about the people. It’s about love. It’s about growth. It’s about contributing. It’s literally about YOU!

I have never written like this before and I am experiencing so much emotion and love for you. I have written this note to help build up the momentum.

The one thing that will make it much easier to move forward! Now make the next commitment to yourself to take action! If your commitment falls through because you get distracted then at the very least commit to reading this letter again when it is more effective for you to ponder.

If this is your second time then congratulations for taking an effective route. Now take action.

Let’s go!

I’m excited to hear about your journey and write about it in my next book!

One of my biggest joys is listening to a facilitator share one of their clients stories and watch the light in their eyes and the energy bursting from them!

If you’ve already signed up then I hope this got your neurojuices going.

Here are some of the things you will get in the FLY Facilitator training course. Some in the 25 hours of digital recordings and others during our live course:

  • Become an early pioneer of this amazing movement that will change the world!

  • Be invited to join the FLY Facilitator Facebook group to interact and ask questions to other Facilitators and get updates and invites to future events.

  • 65 Page Digital NAAP workbook that shows you the step by step FLY process.

  • Training that will help you read others maps including body language, tones, and eye movement.

  • Skills and language that will help you use those MAPs to help them see and apply the model deeply.

  • How to do a clarity session in a way that blows their minds and gets them to sign up with you.

  • Language that will help those not interested to become interested(In case you want to work with them anyway, maybe friends and family).

  • Learn how to tell your story in a way that moves others to action!

  • Access to examples of one on one and group sessions digitally recorded.

  • Opportunities to attend additional live sessions when available(This alone is priceless, as you know).

  • Ability to provide our digital products to your clients as part of your offering(Instant confidence booster).

  • Certification as a FLY Facilitator.

  • Space on our website for your bio and video-Later opportunities to even have your own linked website.

  • Much much more!

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