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The True Power of Conscious Choice!

LaMonte and McKelle would like to share with you how you can elevate your current life and any modalities you currently use to increase effectiveness and outcomes for yourself and your family.

Most current methods are attempting to relieve pain and suffering, however, neuroscientists are proving that leaning in and embracing those experiences can completely transform their brains and empower them beyond previous beliefs! But how can someone learn to oppose all their human nature and everything that has been taught and proven to them? Based on the latest discoveries in neuroscience and combining the most effective psychology of reprogramming they have created the F.L.Y. model. This transcends every previous method of empowering an individual to change the neurochemical experience that drives thoughts, feelings, and behavior and therefore becoming the creator of their life experience!

This next-level model includes the missing puzzle pieces from all previous coaching and mental health strategies.

Does this sound too miraculous to you? Do you need to see the science behind it all? Are you thinking “What is the catch?”. Or are you feeling that there must be something here and I need to know it? Whatever your reaction is, come learn more!

The F.L.Y. Method

Enjoy a life of success

Fulfill Life Yourself by remapping the way you think. Using the science of neuroplasticity you will develop a deep awareness of the subconscious patterns that cause unproductive behavior. We help you gain the skillsets to rewire your brain so that you can overcome life's challenges. The ultimate joy of FLY'ing awaits you.




FLY Group Intensive Session

4:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Hampton Inn and Suites 332 Park Ln, Farmington, UT 84025



Energy Healing Conference - Tammy Ward

8:00 am - 7:00 pm 1651 N 700 W, Layton, UT 84041



Natural Health and Wellness Conference - Be Healthy Utah

Begins 1pm Friday & 9am Saturday Mountain America Expo Center Sandy, UT



Learn to FLY (Friday Evening Event)

Salt Lake, UT


Meet Our Team

LaMonte Wilcox



Author of NAAP, A Guide for Mental Wellness

McKelle Wilcox Kiser



Spokeswoman for FLY

F.L.Y. Facilitators

Cynthia Armstrong

Jared St. Clair

Leesa Gray

Michelle Glaittli

Christa Cooper

Rachel Anderson

Jeanne Larson

MarySue Wilden

Anna Willden

Julia Kellerstrass

Adam Gibs

Jenika Fiso

Natalie Bessinger

Talia Riley

Chuck Hawkins

Suzette Rose

Amy Turner

Christine Wesemann

Patrice Hiskey

Tina Martinez

Melanie Maxwell

Susan Jensen

Wendy O'Leary

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